• BLACK BELT ALL IN 1 All 24 Taekwon-do patterns from Saju-Jirugi to Tong-Il performed by the Taekwon-do LEGEND - JAROSLAW SUSKA  BLACK BELT BASICSTECHNIQUES, STANCES, DICTIONARY, THEORY.  Master JEDUT VIII DAN, Mr. SUSKA VI DAN 

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  • All our best-selling books in one pack ! ** THEORY STANCES BASIC TEHCHNIQUES STEP-SPARRING ALL THE PATTERNS ** All presented by world-class competitors:Mr. Jaroslaw SUSKA -multiple world and European ChampionMr. Maxime BUJOLD - 2015 World ChampionMr. Lylian DOULAY - World Cup Champion and European ChampionMr. Mark TROTTER - well-known multiple World...

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  • Black Belt 1 (software) - patterns from Saju-Jirugi to Ge-Baek Black Belt Basics (software) - techniques, stances, theory The Path To Black Belt (book) - Taekwon-do theory, exam questions, step-sparring, stances, patterns from Saju-Jirugi to Choong-Moo

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  • Finally Available ! - Training Secrets from Master Jerzy Jedut VIII Dan! almost 250 videos categorized for easy use warming-up, speed, stamina, balance, strength videos and descriptions works on Mac, PC and Android devices

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  • Second part of the best-selling project with Master Jerzy Jedut VIII Dan.

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